|March 9, 2012 8:45 am

Self Improvement: 25 Days to a Better YOU! is Almost Here! #Nando25

Self Improvement: 25 Days to a Better YOU! is Almost Here! #Nando25

I could go on for days singing the praises for change and how our lives could use some, but instead, I will stop the chorus and give you a simple 25-Day program that I’ve put together to help you transform your life. What’s the difference between change and transformation? Just ask the catepillar who’s waiting for his wings.

The #Nando25 challenge promises to be simple, sexy + transformational because once you get a hold of the information–it’s there….locked and ready to use. You can choose not to follow, but inside, the seed’s been planted and you’ll never be the same!

Topics + tips on self improvement include: weight loss, increase your self awareness, boost your motivation, increase creativity, the reasons why sleeping 7 hours a night is mandatory for your health + well being, learn to have more integrity with your words, what is your prefrontal cortex and how it helps you make decisions, taking the right supplements to energize you daily, and much more.

Check out this video to learn more about #Nando25

April 1st is when the #Nando25 challenge starts and to help get you started, I put together a starter kit with some essential tools to kick start your journey. Inside the kit is a a stylish pocket notebook created by a Mexican designer, Alfredo Roagui, who knows what creativity is all about, I also partnered up with Jessica O’Leary, a soy wax candle maker, to bring you a luscious candle to sooth your deep limbic system when things get a little too scary (one of the days will cover why our deep limbic system brings on worry and I’ll give you tips on how to deal with it) and there are also sexy condoms + lube for the “sex” portion of the program by our Sponsors over at Lucky Bloke (condoms + lube when you need them, where you need them).

Those who registered for the FREE starter kit–should receive them by March 28th. When you get them tweet out: I just got my #Nando25 starter kit from  @nandoism !

 To register for the challenge click here.

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