Press, Media & Reviews

If you’re on this page, it means you have something for me and trust me, I wanna know all about it nando (at) nandoism (dot) com. But because I’m inundated with review offers, proposals, press releases, I can’t always respond to every reach-out unless it piques my interest and is on brand with the “nandoism” message.

Keep in mind:

I do not accept unsolicited guest posts.

I DO NOT insert text link ads into my posts regardless of how much you’re willing to pay. I do, however, accept ads in my sidebar, if interested contact me for pricing info at nando (at) nandoism (dot) com.

If your pitch doesn’t coincide with my brand–it will probably just be deleted with no response from me.

Topics I’m interested in: (I charge for the following)

  • speaking at your event (careers, branding, blogging, &  social media)
  • guest posts for your blog
  • men’s fashion reviews (clothes, eyewear, cologne, shoes)
  • hair products reviews
  • dating apps reviews
  • dating books reviews
  • video product reviews
  • I charge to run giveaways
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