Stress Management: How to Relax at Home When You Work There

“Oh my god, you work from home? That must be so cool and laid-back, I wish I could work from home, then I would be able to do anything I want!” How many times have you heard people say something like this when you told them that you work from home? How many times did you try to explain to people just how stressful, inefficient, and counter-productive working from home can actually be?

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If you’ve decided to take on a life coach that tells me that you’re a person who’s up to big things in their life. Many people, some of them are your friends, family, colleagues, that have murmured, “I think I want coaching,” aren’t brave enough to put in the work — but you’re actually in the game – on the court! Now that you’ve committed to a life coach — show up!

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Practices for Self-Improvement and Stress-Relief

One of the things that you cannot control are the circumstances of life and the stress they bring. However, one can always find ways in which to stay positive and true to themselves, and that’s why practicing self-improvement is crucial. Not only does it help in living a (somewhat) stress-free life, it can also help keep our mental health intact. Conversely, if you pay attention to your mind and your body, you will be more likely to be resilient toward everything that comes your way. If you’re not quite sure what to do to stay stress-free and practice self-improvement, take a look at the following tips. Read more

Common Problem With Focus and Productivity

girl working on her laptopFocus is one of the burning issues that many people are interested in – how to keep it and how to use it to your advantage. Lack of focus can lead to stress, which can have catastrophic results. Not only on our professional life, but on our mental health as well.

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