Consulting Services

Have a seminar/workshop coming up and need a proven dynamic & effective moderator/host?
If your topics surround dating, sex & relationships or empowering women– Nando is your man.

Take a peek at his work during the Single in Stilettos New York 2011 Dating Conference.

He also specializes in social media talks.

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Do you need a sexy, entertaining, concise yet engaging video blog review on your product? What about a promotional piece highlighting the strongest assets your business or service provides?

Or maybe you just got an invite to a fabulous event in NYC but can’t make it?

Hire Nando.

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Video blogging services

Blogging is the biggest form of media presented on a global level today and “Vlogging” (video blog) takes it one step further by adding that multimedia dynamic to your already successful business. We understand that some of you are camera shy or too busy focusing on other parts of your business but still want to be on the “cutting edge” of the social media world.

Here’s how Nando’s VLOGGING services can help you:

Ready to get vlogging?

Contact Nando Today!

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