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Confused about your dating life? Do you feel like nothing you do brings you closer to finding dating nirvana? Remember, it’s not Nirvana, it’s Nandoism. If you want to gain control of your dating life? Then this eBook is an absolute MUST READ for you!

“What If I Could Show You How To Gain COMPLETE CONTROL Of Your Dating Life By Helping You Understand Why You Date How You Date? Understanding Your Dating DNA Is  A Key Element To Your Dating Success!”

Your Dating DNA: Tools To Understand Why You Date How You Date includes:

12 exercises to help you discover why you date the way you do

Get a better understanding of your Dating DNA

Recognize why your own self-sabotaging dating behaviors

A guide to help you date better

Several of Nando’s top 10 dating lists neatly organized just for you.

The humor & wit you’ve come to expect from Nandoism.com

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