Day 14: #Nando25 Challenge: Unreasonable Actions with Jazmin Chavez #Video

Day 14: #Nando25 Challenge: Unreasonable Actions with Jazmin Chavez #Video

The #Nando25 Challenge Idea: Everything you do right now is inside the “YOU BUBBLE;” the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the thoughts you think. Everything that makes you YOU is inside that “YOU BUBBLE“. So my theory supports the claim, if you feel you aren’t successful in certain areas in your life, money, love, relationships, career — whatever the area is–it’s because you’re trapped in the “YOU BUBBLE.” If you keep doing what you are currently doing–you will continue to keep getting the same results.

If you keep dating the same type of person over and over again–you will continue to get your heart broken. If you keep going at your finances the way you are currently going at them–you will continue to have the same financial woes your entire life. If you keep eating the way you’re eating–you will always be the size you currently are. If you keep parenting the same way you are currently parenting, how will your children eventually feel about you?

1. You want to be a writer — WRITE.
2. You want to be healthier — Go exercise!
3. You want to be a photographer — Go take pictures! (Lots of them)
4. You want to be an artist — go paint, NOW!
5. You want to be President of the PTA — GO sign up–right now!
6. You want to be in a loving relationship — Open yourself up to Love — stop the excuses + stop living in the past–TODAY!
7. You want  to feel better — Start. What’s stopping you?
8. I want to _________________ — so I will start to ___________________ (fill in the blanks)

IMPORTNAT FACT: If you keep telling yourself that you’re NOT a special, deserving, awesome + amazing person, you will stay inside the “YOU BUBBLE” and never accomplish your life’s mission–which is to shine. Some of you spend a lifetime wondering why you were born, what’s your purpose? Here it is: It’s to shine. Shine so bright that you can’t be ignored! Some may shine as a parent, a photographer, a writer, a lover, a dater, a DJ, a recruiter, a teacher, a dancer, but YOU SHINE. This goes along with wearing your crown + claiming your space but this concept is more about RESULTS + ACTIONS.

I want you to step out of the “YOU BUBBLE” and start taking UNreasonable actions….STARTING TODAY!

The Lesson: View the Video + Be Present

The #Nando25 Challenge Homework:

1. Go back to your three areas that you wanted to create a transformation in (assignment #1) and identify at least 3 UNreasonable actions you must take in order to SHNE in that area.
2. Once you have–go! Take the UNreasonable Action + post on our PRIVATE #Nando25 Challenge facebook page that you did!
3. Get one more person to sign up for the challenge. Remember, Power Requests = Powerful Results. (Ask with Boldness + Confidence)

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