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“Searching for and securing a lasting, long-term relationship” sounds boring as hell.

So forget that, and let

your gay BFF show you how much fun it can be to find the love of your life.


Dating and relationships are all about happiness, aren’t they? You’re looking for the joy of meeting your soul mate, of having fun with a special person one-on-one, being happy in a relationship, finding that tingly, lovey feeling … So why do so many people see dating as a never-ending chore that still doesn’t give you the results you’re looking for?

Succeed in your relationship goals with personalized coaching
Just think, aren’t you more successful when what you’re doing is fun? Ask any athlete: they play for the love of the game, and they seek out coaches who’ll help achieve their goals. That’s exactly how I can help you. My coaching is a fun, friendly approach that helps you discover the joy in dating again. And not only will I help make your dating life exciting and fun again, but I’ll also teach you how to make your relationships more successful.

What will you learn?


Ladies, you’ll learn why you only go for the bad boys, and how to find marriage-minded men without intimacy issues. Men, you’ll learn why women blow you off after the first date, and how to establish the kind of relationships you’re seeking.

Want to know more? You’ll also learn

  • Why your dates go nowhere and you get the same results, time after time.
  • How to turn your lackluster relationship around.
  • The personalized steps to finding a happy and fulfilling dating life.
  • How an exciting dating life will lead to a meaningful relationship.

Whether you want to marry, hope to strengthen your current relationship, or look to sharpen your dating skills, I can help. We’ll work closely together to create your personalized strategy-blueprint for your goals and how to achieve them.

Why choose me as your dating coach?
I’m a Dating Advice Panelist for Luv em OR Leave em, the Gay Best Friend helping college girls find meaningful relationships at The College Crush, and have people just like you asking me for dating advice every day through my blog …

… but it’s ok if you don’t trust me! Here’s what other people are saying about my relationship advice:

“I have been working on and off with Nando (because I think I know everything and do not need dating help).  He has truly helped me to understand that my “rules” do not always apply, and to be more open to dating scenarios that I would normally not consider.  Nando has also explained to me that when I meet someone new and want to run off and get married after 2 days that my judgement may be off because of dopamine- who  knew!  He’s the love scientist!”  Nicole H., 35, New York City

“Nando’s advice has been priceless for me.  I have now opened up a bit and let my guard down on dating; not an easy thing for anyone to get me to do since I think I have all the answers already! ”  Ashley R., 28, Los Angeles

“Nando is so easy to talk to; no judgement just advice.  He is helping me to navigate through the dating jungle with greater ease!”    Amanda T., 31, Miami  

“My experience with Nando has been nothing but positive. He’s certainly not your cookie cutter dating coach/expert in that he provides you with so much more insight that goes well beyond what to wear and how to act on a first date. Nando teaches you the biochemistry of love and how your actions and feelings are guided by your brain’s abilities to produce certain chemicals — it’s absolutely fascinating! Stick with Nando and you will learn not only how to love someone else but more importantly, how to really love yourself.”   Charlene N., 28, New York City
Personal coaching to get you on your way to exciting, successful dating and relationships

I believe everyone is truly unique and has their own story. That’s why I work closely with you to make sure you get the personal attention you need to achieve your relationship goals.

My rates start at just $150/hour

  • Save $275 on a package of 6 sessions for just $625,
  • or save even more with a package of 10 sessions for just $1,200

All your sessions and include one-on-one phone or video-conferencing sessions and email support.

The bottom line
Seeking me out as a dating + relationship coach doesn’t mean you’re desperate or hopeless. Quite the opposite. Only great people hire coaches to help bring out their greatness and achieve their goals. The bottom line is that I can help you find lasting happiness, revitalize your dating life, and achieve that meaningful relationship you’re looking for.

Are you ready for the Nandoism way to find your true love?

Email me today with the form below, and let me coach you to relationship success!

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