FREE Live Webinar: Break Free From Your Limited Beliefs & Stop Letting Them Run Your Life!

Break Free From Your Limited Beliefs Running Your Life!

Join Transformational NLP Coach Nando Rodriguez in a LIVE 30-minute interactive workshop and discover what limited belief is causing such chaos in your life. Not only does it take over your thoughts…it’s actually keeping you from truly achieving all the greatness you’re capable of in your: relationships, finances, career, and creative projects.

This FREE 30-minute session gives you a taste of freedom and allows you to apply the learnings immediately to create a breakthrough in what ever area you desire!

Invite your loved ones and friends to join you on this journey, you don’t want to miss out!


Thu, April 26, 2018

8:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST


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Create a Master Plan for Self-Improvement

The most difficult thing to change is yourself. Even though many fail after the first week of trying, being hard-working and devoted to the things you want can help you tremendously. What’s more, evaluating yourself from time to time and writing down your goals and the things you want to achieve can play a big role as well. That is why, for anything that you strive for, you need to look at yourself as your next big project. And as any big project that you have, you need a master plan. This article deals with the best ways and ideas to make the journey to a better you as easy as possible.

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Following Your Passion

Following Your Passion feels like one big sugar rush, according to Katrina Kibben, Recruitment Marketing Consultant at Three Ears Media. Why is she comparing passion to eating three sticks of cotton candy? And why should you even care? Katrina did something many of us fantasize about — becoming our own boss! Not only does she love dogs, tweets like it’s her day job, she loves taking risks — her latest one might be her biggest yet. Katrina took the plunge and created her own recruitment marketing agency in February of 2018. What? That means she left the seat of security and swapped it out for the throne of the unknown–and she couldn’t be happier!

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The Problem with Hiring a Life Coach

The Problem with Hiring a Life Coach

The problem with hiring a life coach is that at first glance you might not know what to look for since each coach markets to unique aspects of  life and problem-solving. Some are fitness coaches, dating coaches, lifestyle coaches and the list goes on and on — and having options is great because I believe that one size doesn’t fit all. If coaching is for you — and before you commit to it –you may want to ask yourself three vital questions:

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Working with a Life Coach

Working with a Life Coach

On a recent clarity call — a potential life coaching client (PC) and I had the following exchange:

PC: I don’t care what you say, I won’t be doing any homework and I won’t be keeping a journal–that’s not for me! It doesn’t work.

Nando: Well, if you have all the answers, why don’t you have all the answers?

He signed up for coaching two days later and by our 4th coaching session — he discovered that he lives his life through a filter of “something’s missing” and it suddenly cleared up several messes he’d created in his life including his career and marriage. For him, in his marriage, “something was missing” so he was never truly happy with how his relationship occurs. After keeping a gratitude calendar for 3 weeks — he discovered that there was nothing missing in his marriage and he began to see what a beautiful relationship he had and how he was taking his wife for granted. He texted me a few days after his discovery and was excited that he and his wife were hugging and holding hands after years of NOTHING!

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