How Age Differences Can Affect Dating

How Age Differences Can Affect Dating by Isabel F. William

Relationships come with numerous obstacles and challenges, but sometimes, age differences are the crucial factor that can determine the “destiny” of some couples.

While age gaps are much more common in the modern relationships, they are still an important issue that couples should have in mind before taking their relationships to a more serious level.

If you’ve been dating a person who is much older or younger than you, you should be familiar with different ways how this can affect your future together.


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FIRMOO: Online Glasses Review

FIRMOO approached me and it was a match made in heaven! If you know anything about me — I love glasses and have been on a glasses-kick for the last 6 years. I love having a different pair of glasses for each and every occasion I am in. I have various style, colors, and material. So when FIRMOO reached out and I saw they had option-galore…I knew I had to give them a try.

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How to Deal with Depression

After so many years, we as a society, are finally opening up and talking about subjects that were once so taboo, you kept it a secret: whether it’s being inappropriately touched, sexually harassed, or dealing with depression. Whether you call it feeling down, being blue, or just being sad and depressed, it’s no longer the negative stigma it once used to be. Say it loud and proud, “I am dealing with depression and so what?”

Through the use of social media, people are being more vocal about being depressed and how they feel and are okay with sharing it more on such open platforms.

A few years ago I remember hearing about a guy who committed suicide and it was such a shock to his friends and family because he was known as “the happy guy” who was always posting positive things on social and I believe he even had a coaching business. Dealing with depression us wear masks that are so deeply buried inside that no one (even those close to us) find it hard to believe we were dealing with depression and struggling with it’s effects. Think Robin Williams and how he committed suicide because of his depression.

I was a bit surprised to see how many tweets float around from people dealing with depression, who’s age ranged from their early teens to late 60s. They were raising their hands (or tweets) saying that they too were in a horrid fight battling with depression. I used to be a part of that secret society that kept my depression on the down low for fear of what other’s would think of me, especially employers–but not anymore.

I mean, I worked in HR for goodness sake, no one wants to hire someone onto their HR team who’s openly talking about their depression. Right?

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Working with Recruiters : Your First Impression

As someone who was a recruiter for over 10 years, I can tell you that people don’t realize what a bad impression they make when they reach out asking you for help. It’s not the idea of helping someone that leaves a bad taste in our mouths, it’s the idea of organizing their thoughts and figuring out the ask.

It’s like showing up at a bank and when it’s your turn at the teller, you just sit there, say nothing, and continuously blink at them hoping they will read your mind and fix your problem.

As with any ask — you must be organized, present the ask, and present the opportunity for me in the situation–otherwise why would I want to help a random stranger?

When you reach out to a recruiter, you can’t be coy, you can’t waste time, and you can’t come across as desperate. Instead, you want to follow these tips–but clearly understand why these tips will add value to your message.

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Why Married People Cheat

Why do married people cheat? I was doing research on the topic and found all sorts of reasons, theories, techniques, and excuses. Just do a quick google search on “why married people cheat” and the internet is a plethora of information–and although some of it might be true, what’s also true is the hurt it causes and leaves behind.

When a person cheats, there is a calculated and secret component that some get off on. And that’s the part, when the affair is discovered, that hurts the most. Jim McGreevey, who declared himself a Gay American, after coming out in a press conference (only after the threat of blackmail came into play) later revealed that while his wife was in the hospital giving birth to one of their children — he was out with his lover having the time of his life. #CheatersLife

Another concept of why people cheat is sexploration: meaning sexual activity with no emotional component or connection. This is the concept of “it didn’t mean anything” and it was pure desire and animal instinct. Those words don’t make the pain any less potent, but there you have it — a reason for infidelity.

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