Waking Up with Morning Anxiety


Are you waking up with morning anxiety? So many of us have been hit hard by the fact that loud-mouth Donal Trump is now president-elect Trump and in a few short weeks, he’ll be the commander in chief for the United States of America.

Since the outcome of the election — many people (including me) have seen a little less color in their life, their food has a little less taste and the idea of the holiday season being so close, well we say, “Bah Hum Bug” with gusto!

Anxiety is part of life but it doesn’t have to cripple our productivity, it’s like a bad hair day — you don’t chop all your hair off because of it, you slap on a cap and keep it moving.

Waking up with anxiety isn’t fun but here are 3 things you can do to counter balance those bad juju vibes you’re getting.

  1. Meditate/Pray. For those of us who can’t pinpoint where the anxiety is coming from, sit in silence (from yourself) and get out of yourself. Reach out to your higher power (even if it’s Taylor Swift) and just get consumed in them for a minute for eight. Get lost in someone else’s words. Repeat a chant. Learn a mantra. Getting your brain to break the constant thoughts of anxiety will help you take the next step to enter into your day.
  2. Tell a friend. There is power is telling someone what you’re feeling/going through. Make sure this person doesn’t try to fix your problems by telling them in your first breathe, “I feel so much anxiety right now — all I need is silly.” Humor, silliness, LOLs might be what you need to break the anxiety up for a while. Get them to snapchat you some fun or silly snaps.
  3.  Change your environment. Are you a person who works from home? Is your office no longer brining that dose of inspiration it once used to and instead it’s helping feed the anxiety? Move. Get up and move to another location. Work from a cafe. Work from a park bench. Work from a different room/floor/office. How to get rid of morning anxiety can be as simple as breaking up the routine as it gets new thoughts flowing. Routine in our lives can add to the anxiety and being aware of the triggers is crucial. The sun never hurt anyone — and unless you’re a vampire, move by a window.

We all wake up with anxiety at time and different things work for different people. How do you fight anxiety in your life? how do you find the morning anxiety cure?


How to Fix Your Relationship with Inspiration

elizabeth-gilbert-eat-pray-love big magic

How to fix your relationship with inspiration isn’t something we think about yet it’s something important especially if you’re a creative. What defines a creative person? The beauty of being creative is as long you think you are — you are!

Whether your creativity comes in the form of a glue gun and pipe cleaners, a paintbrush or construction paper–pay attention.

As creative people, we believe that inspiration comes in waves and can’t be controlled, and if that’s the truth, we should certainly celebrate it when inspiration arrives, right? But what if we’ve been burned by inspiration?

Several struggle with the next project waiting for creativity and inspiration to hit only to be disappointed when we complete our masterpiece; art, book, blog, yet, success didn’t get the memo and your book goes unpublished, your artwork never sells or that amazing blog only gets read by you, your mom and a random person who came to your page because of a misspelled word in their search.

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Orvibo Wi-Fi Smart Socket Outlet: Why You Need One

leona-the-lion-instagram-famous-dogThe Orvibo Wi-Fi Smart Socket Outlet has changed our lives. German and I work in the city which means Leona goes to doggy daycare twice a week and stays home three days out of the week. (I work from home one day out of the week) When she’s at PupCulture NYC, we know she’s socializing with other pets and having fun.

On the days she’s home, she pretty much sleeps–we know that because we have cameras showing us her daily routine.

Several months ago, German and I meet up after work to run a few errands and got home late to find Leona in the dark. That night, feeling guilty and horrid, I went online and researched a smart electric outlet. I knew we had to get one to ever prevent this happening again.

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Best Hair Products for Men: The 2016 Nando Edition

mens-popular-hairstyleI’m often asked what the best hair products for men are and it truly depends on your hair type. I believe there is no “one size fits all” answer. I can’t say, this will be the only hair product you need but I can help you how to choose the best hair product for your hair style–if you’re hair is similar to mine: thick, naturally curly and virtually indestructible and you like to showcase it.


For me, the best men’s hair wax is FX Molding Wax Pliable Hair Wax. (I do not get paid by them but I’m willing to be a hair spokesperson and you’ll see why–so if anyone can hook me up) I have naturally curly hair and like the majority of people with curly hair — I don’t like it, which is why I get keratin treatments to help smooth it out, prevent frizz in the summer, but it also makes it easer to maintain. Depending on the length of hair, Keratin can cost anywhere from $150 – $350 per treatment and it lasts 3-4 months.

After Keratin, I still use a round brush and blow out my hair straight. But I only do this once a week. The dirtier my hair gets, the better it styles. Ironic, right? FX Molding Wax (it’s less than $5 on Amazon) is the men’s hair product for thick hair because it magnifies your hair’s thickness and you have a crown of luxurious glory on your head that says, “Watch out world, here comes a guy with style and on trend.”

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Matt Dallas and Blue Hamilton Gay Husbands Put My Marriage in Danger


My husband is madly in love with Matt Dallas and Blue Hamilton, and not just because they are sexy gay men, but he actually loves their lifestyle–or the one they publicly display at least–not only do they showcase husband fun in their youtube video series Matt and Blue, they have their 2-year-old son, Crow, in tow–which adds to the fascination.

Besides sometimes catching a glimpse of one of them in sexy underwear, my husband of six years is now obsessed with the notion of kids. And I blame Matt and Blue and their gay husband video series. Now that gay men or gay couples can adopt children, I’m looking for advice on the topic for the sake of my marriage. German truly won’t stop talking about adopting a child. Oh, we have a video series too–but you won’t catch us in undies. (You’re disappointed, I’m sure!)

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