Day 13: #Nando25 Challenge: Your 6 Word Biography

The #Nando25 Challenge Idea: Have you ever read someone’s biography and felt so empowered by the way they lived their life? It’s pretty amazing how we, as humans, can relate to one another person through the power of words. (Remember, life only happens in language) And that’s when it hit me, YOU have lead an amazing life. You’ve been through your ups, your downs, your good times, your bad times (does bad exists? hmmm? Only in language, right?).

Another fascinating part to humans is wanting to capture our stories through blogs, books, videos but many of us will complain that we don’t have the time or the creativity to capture our stories. Well, here is your chance.

The Lesson:  The lesson here is to look back and see your greatness–because you may not have saved children from a burning building, or a cat floating down the river, but maybe you helped your mom pay her electric bill, help your child  in tying their shoelaces, or maybe something simple as make people feel good with your amazing laughter/personality/way of being.

Review your history and claim your awesomeness or look INTO what you WANT to create for yourself, your family, or your “anything” and think about that vision. (Remember Tara’s video about claiming your space) Think about your life – any aspect of it and sum it up, in six words.


The #Nando25 Challenge Homework:

1. In your #Nando25 Day Challenge Journal, create your six-word biography. (get creative, you only have 6 words….and you thought TWITTER was bad!)
2. After you’re done, post it in our #Nando25 Challenge PRIVATE Facebook page and I will add it to this post!
3. If you’re not a part of the #Nando25 Challenge PRIVATE Facebook page–send me a message and I will add you.


Here is mine. I got a little creative in photoshop.

Here are some examples to get your juices flowing

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