Love Actually Wednesdays: Amanda & Mike

Couple: Amanda & Mike

How long have they been together:  Almost one year. (You can tell by the body language of love–they’re all smiles!)

How they meet: They meet in school– when he first saw her at the library he said, ” I have to study with that pretty girl.”

Where are they from: They’re from Maryland  and we caught the couple in Union Square. (They were probably in the Big Apple for Valentine’s Day–smooth move! )

Where was your first date: Can you guess?  Yeah, studying, how bright!

Dating tip/advice for our readers: She said, “Just be yourself and the rest takes care of itself.”

Let us know what you think of “study dates” and tell us how was your Valentine’s Day? Leave a comment.

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One thought on “Love Actually Wednesdays: Amanda & Mike

  • February 16, 2011 at 11:35 pm

    This couple looks cute in that picture. I congratulate them for being together for almost a year. Nowadays, people consider couples lucky to be together for a year.


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