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Ahoy! After being summoned by Nando to write a little something for nandoims, I decided what’s better than give you all a little insight on what’s happening in London right now, fashion wise. After a mad dash around Covent Garden, I have come up with a nice little list of things for all you men (girls, you will have your turn). First rule, NEVER go around Covent Garden during lunch time. It is vile. Think of NYC when the Rockefeller center gets its party lights on before Christmas. Unreal and revolting. Here is what I am using the mastercard for this week (take note as we know we Londoners are the slightly more stylish ones!).

Trainers by Converse
Ooooh. I would like a pair to be delivered to me ASAP. These babies are totally kewl. So cool in fact, they should be on my feet. I am perfectly aware that Converse may not be the most practical choice during the cold winter months, however I am no good when it comes to being practical. Word doesn’t really exist in the vocabulary. I am known to buy shoes that are far too small to wear, but because they are 60% off, one must purchase. Practical? No! Star like shoes? Yes!

Hat by Bailey
Loving myself sick in this. First I need to find out the skin care regime of the chap in the photo as I would kill for ivory skin like his. Amazeballs. Now this hat could be the answer to all your prayers. You may be wet wearing the Converse knee deep in snow, but your head will be nice and warm in this..Loves it. The little cap element. Amazing. Pair it with Aviators for a very “chopping the wood” – look. And who doesn’t love a hunk who knows how to use his hands? Am I right?

Shorts by ?
I adore these shorts SO much, I totally forgot to make a note of the brand. BAD Fashion writer! These are pretty perfect. Can you imagine these on a beach with a pair of flip flops, no shirt, warm sun on your back, plus of course the all important Aviators. If you can’t transport yourself to a beach this instant. Buy something similar anyway, as I will be wearing mine to the gym for the days I work out the upper body. (We all know that when you do legs, you need teeny little shorts). Also perfect for hanging around the place at home, doing the ironing and trying to smooch the man. Bingo.

Wrestling gear
OMG. I have totally forgotten about wrestling gear. Here is a little something you don’t know about me. When I was 14 I was the Finnish National Champion in wrestling. Please bow down. So, now I am thinking that I should start a gay wrestling league, kinda like a gay volleyball league (I used to go watch them train when I was living in NYC, those queens can serve!), but a little more spandex.
I am sure I can now fill in the outfit slightly better than almost 10 years ago…

There you have it my darling readers.
Wishing you all an amazing week, don’t get into too much trouble and if you do, please let me know!
Big Kiss from across the pond, Msalonen

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