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The 5 Types of Dating/Relationship Bloggers

600-00948363As a guy who was born in Mexico, was raised in Texas, went to school in Iowa, then moved to New York–I can honestly say I appreciate variety and the different lifestyles I’ve encountered. Now, being a blogger, a dating blogger, I can appreciate the different viewpoints that each person has, but which one is the right one for you?

Having been clumped into the dating blogger directory of New York City, I’ve meet several dating bloggers and have been swept away by their viewpoints and what they offer in terms of dating tips or advice. Just last week, I went to the YourTango party where everyone there was connected with writing on relationships/dating in some manner, shape, or form. It was such a lively conversation–but if you ever want to stir the pot with a dating/relationship blogger–ask: “So what makes love work?” This question gets the blood pumping, the veins popping and opinions sparking!

And it was at that event and random run-ins with bloggers in general that I came up with the 5 types of dating/relationship bloggers. There’s a blogger for everyone’s taste, but which one is the right one–for you? And yes, even you just blog about your dating life and don’t offer up tips/advice–you fall under one of these–trust me!

1. In Love with Love Blogger: This type of blogger is so much “in love” with the concept of love, that they try to find it with anyone, anytime, anyplace. Their blogs consist of how love is only a cupid-arrow-away so always have your tushy ready for combat. This blogger falls in love with the garbage man, then the following week it’s the bug man, then the week after that, it’s the hitchhiker they picked up on their way to WalMart. In Love with Love Bloggers are fun to read because they do keep “hope” alive and their innocence keeps their blog hits high! Love tips consist of how to attract a man, keep a man, or wish a man into your life.

2. Disappointed with Love Blogger: This blogger will give you the dirt on love. Their tips/post will reflect on “How to tell a man is cheating, How to tell your man is lying, How to kill a man”. I love it because they bring you down to earth and make you see things that you hadn’t seen before, like how a yo-yo can be used as a murder weapon. This blogger, maybe, had a few bad experiences in love and is now focused on “telling you like it is” and I love their cynicism and frankly, would love to know how a yo-yo can be used to slit a throat. You must keep a blogger like this on your RSS feed.

3. Scared of Love Blogger: We all have read a blog or two with this type of blogger behind the computer screen. They tell you to be careful, cautious, and don’t fall too quickly. This blogger will give you tips on: The 3 signs of falling in love too soon, How to fall in love and still keep your feet on the ground, How to live life on your terms–not his. There’s a difference between this blogger and the “disappointed with love blogger” because this one doesn’t think love sucks, they just think love will eventually hurt and they want you to be cautious. They offer a great view point and will keep you on your toes.

4. Passionate about Love Blogger: This blogger (where I fall in–I admit it) is centered when it comes to love. They know the risk factors involved with giving your heart away but encourage it anyway. They also see the signs of a disaster coming and might offer you tips on, how to survive after a break up, who should pay on the first date, or sleeping with a broken heart. This is the type of blogger who’s topics/posts will range from the good stuff to the bad stuff when it comes to the yucky love stuff. Their POV will be somewhat balanced but will shift depending on how their dating status is at the time.

5. Doesn’t know Love Blogger: This blogger amazes me because they know nothing about love. Really. And the people they lead will know nothing about love, also. But it’s only because they’re green, they’re new to it all. It’s like they get their blog topics from Hallmark cards. One post will be about “How not to trust a man,” then they blog about a date they went on where the guy had a funny little tan-line on his wedding ring finger but they couldn’t figure out what it meant. Really? But you have to love this type of blogger because they are putting it out there and it takes guts. This blogger is still fresh, green, hasn’t ripened but can offer you the best “what NOT to do” by doing the opposite of what they tell you to do. Funny how it all works out in the end.

So how did the bloggers fare with the “So what makes love work?” question at the YourTango party? One said it was about the chemistry, another about control, and me, I said it was all about the timing–and who’s right? Well, that, depends on you.

Which type of dating/sex/relationship blogger do you enjoy the most? Leave a comment.

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  • Which type am I, Nando?
    .-= Fishy´s last blog ..My Top Five Crushes =-.

    • you’re the BEST kind–the real kind!
      I want to be YOU when I grow up.
      Man, I just love a blog that makes you spit out your drink
      in laughter–you’re blog is fun, real and amazing!
      (You’re also the passionate about love blogger)

  • Wouldn’t you take it one step further and say that almost all people fall into one of these categories when looking for love? As a result, they would gravitate toward the blogger that seems to speak to them, where they are now or maybe even where they want to be.

  • I would also add the New Age love blogger. These are the couples who lived through an affair and now love more, or found God, or realized the only way to true love was to smile at flowers every day. Anyway, they mostly try to sell books and classes, I’ve noticed. Does this make me the “Disappointed with Love Blogger”? (Sad face…)
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Is dating today the new wild west? =-.

    • @Kelly–that’s hilarious! “Does that make me the ‘Disappointed with Love Blogger'”?
      You are some kind of wonderful, chica!

  • Ta Nando – you do my ego the world of good!
    .-= Fishy´s last blog ..My Top Five Crushes =-.

  • I am totally number 5

  • I love to read numbers 2, 3 and 4! Maybe I’m a cross between “Disappointed with Love” and “Scared of Love.” I want to be “Passionate at Love, but it’s just that I haven’t had any positive stories to tell just yet.

    Can there be a category for those who are “Incompetent at Love?”
    .-= Man-shopper´s last blog ..Mr. Deluded =-.

  • Well ummmm none of these because they aren’t you……and you are my main source! :)

  • I think I’m # 1 – with a particular focus on ‘wishing a man into my life’. And I do like to think I keep the “hope alive”… even when I purposefully don’t indulge in any sexy-time with a certain German and STILL DON’T hear from the fool. But that’s a whole other story!

    On second thoughts, I might also be a Scared of Love Blogger. Or the Doesn’t know Love Blogger.

    Maybe I should just start writing about shoes?

    Great post Nando! XKB

  • Fab fab fab ! I like to read passionate about love bloggers .. or at least that’s what it seems like I read .. I’m not scared of love; despite having been disappointed by it .. but its not like I don’t know love either .. I’ve been honoured by the fabulous Fishy by being called a ‘dating blogger’ .. which I so don’t deserve the title but maybe one day after all my learnings from all you fabulous peeps I could put myself at the base of your pedestals and just be content with your blessings :)
    .-= Dazediva´s last blog ..7 Dazed Facts About The Diva =-.

  • what about the laughs at love blogger, that’s me.

    your blog is great, just found it and like your take.
    .-= adrianna giuliani´s last blog ..The Porn Ultimatum: What is Normal When It Comes to Your BFs Internet Porn Habit? =-.

  • hey, what about me? I’m the blogger who DOESN’T DATE AND IS NEVER IN A RELATIONSHIP! I guess I should stop referring to myself as a dating blogger.
    .-= Blondie´s last blog ..Wishful Thinking =-.

  • not sure where i fit into this paradagym…closest to 5 i think
    .-= love in the dumps´s last blog ..Drakkar remembers =-.

  • I’m definitely mostly #1 with a good dose of #4. 😉 FUN list, Nando!
    .-= Zoe´s last blog ..The Waiting Game: How long is too long? =-.

  • I would’ve said I was a “Doesn’t Know Love Blogger”, but then I read the description and thought I may be a dating blogger but I’m not about ‘telling people what to/what not to do’. That’s not my style. I blog about MY own dating life. I’m not a dating expert, what qualifications do I have to be giving people tips? None.

    Might be worth creating a 6th ‘type’ of dating blogger. The type who doesn’t dictate what to do, but who shares their dating escapades for the sake of a bit of fun!
    The Single Filez´s last blog post ..It’s Written In The Cards…

    • I bet I could read 5 of your post and tell you what type you are. If you blog about your love life and dating episodes–you fall into one of these categories. You don’t necessarily have to be a dating blog dishing out advice — trust me. And what makes an expert? Someone who’s been there and done it. I use expert in my guacamole-making skills too sister! I gotta rock it somehow!

  • I’m definitely #2! Although, in real life I’m not actually disappointed with love at all. I just find its way easier to write about the horror stories & the disappointments because those are the experiences that I’ve learned the most from.
    Skinny Dip´s last blog post ..You can take the girl out of Hippie-land but you cant take the Hippie-Land out of the girl

  • I want to meet the “How to Kill a Man” blogger personally. =) I think I err more toward number three, myself. Awesome article, sir.

    Keep it sexy.

  • Love this Nando. Sadly, or maybe interestingly? I think I’m all 5. Just depends on which personality is in control that day. :)

  • I don’t consider you a dating blogger at all. I think of you more as a writer who writes about dating. I think you’ve morphed out of the blogger mold and built something completely different.

    There’s been an explosion of dating bloggers lately. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a symptom of a deeper issue that’s swelling out there.

  • I think I fall somewhere between “Disappointed in Love” and Kelly’s suggestion, “The New Age Love Blogger.” Or better yet, what Single Filez says. I share my experiences and what I learned from them, but I don’t really offer advice, per se. And I do still believe in happy endings, so maybe I’m Passionate About Love after all.

  • I tip my hat off to myself 😉

    And the DateMeDC blogger…tho she’s in DC.
    JT´s last blog post ..Sex On The First Date? Yes, This Is For Me

  • Ooo! I think I’m a 4. I want everybody to find love!

    And as for what makes love work, I’d say trust. If you don’t trust each other, the whole thing is hopeless.

  • I went on a date with a dating blogger once… and she blogged about me the next day

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