Valentine’s Day Erotica Contest

valentines_day_contestValentine’s Day is commonly celebrated by couples who rush out in the last minute to pick left over cards and chocolates for one another, you see them on the streets holding hands, carrying gifts and wearing smirky grins as they glance over to us, singles, and just let out a sigh of, “Good Lord, I’m glad not to be you today!”

And that’s why the fabulous Empire Labs, featured in O Magazine, teamed up with to bring you the best Valentine’s Day Contest ever, with the single person in mind (although it’s offically opened to everyone, yes, even the realtionshipers). We totally feel your pain, your disgust, you being green with envy–so we want you to harness those emotions and remember a time when things were happier, more satisfying, more erotic.

The video will explain it all.

Submit your BEST erotica story (preferably TRUE, but not necessary) to: with a 500 word MAX limit. The contest officially begins NOW, Mon Feb 1 and ends Mon, Feb 8th–so hurry up and start writing!

To officially enter follow @nandoism and @empirelabs on twitter and send us a tweet using #eroticvibe letting us know you’ve submitted your naughty little entry!

*Title your email: Nandoism’s Valentine Erotica Submission
*Entries must come from the Continental USA
*Must be 18 years of age or older
*Open to both male/female
*Open to everyone regardless if in a relationship or single

Empire Labs will put excerpts of your submission on their blog. Then you’ll encourage all your awesome friends to vote for your entry by placing a comment on your specific blog entry posted on Empire Lab’s blog. The entry with the most blog comments/votes wins 1st place.

The Grand prize winner will have their full content posted on the Empire Labs blog, along with excellent online exposure and win a BOX FULL OF GOODIES FROM Empire Labs valued at over $100.00!! Two, erotically creatively contestants, will be chosen as 2nd place winners and be awarded the finger vibe!

Good luck to all the entries. Winners will be announced on or around February 15th–yeah, I know, take that, relationshipers!

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