How to Avoid Dating a Gay Man


With so many women always asking, “How To Tell If A Man Is Gay?” I can continue to write on this topic indefinitely, but I wanted to focus on dating profiles. This way you could avoid dating a gay man in the first place. I wrote this post with a humorous twist, but the reality of my suggestions are real. Not one single factor alone will tell you if the man you’re dating is gay, but if it’s something I’ve listed and your guy is telling you that he’s hoarding Project Runway episodes on his DVR — you have your answer.

If I can help you pinpoint the men in the closet or the ones in denial about their sexuality–I’ve done my job and you no longer have to wonder, “Is the guy I’m dating gay?”

The top 5 signs the guy’s profile you’re about to click on is gay.

5. His lips are too shiny in his profile photo. (Honey, that’s called lip gloss and he ain’t gonna get butcher–don’t click and keep it mov’n!)

4. When he states that he goes “fishing” with his buddy Craig every weekend and you MUST understand that up front…and he has a photo of Craig in the profile and Craig looks like a member of RuPaul’s Drag Race–sweetie, he’s more queer than a Clay Aiken/Anderson Cooper Chicken wrap…hit next!

3. If you two get “naughty” and exchange X-rated photos and you see the Xena 2000 vibrator in the background; sister-girl, you in danger.

2. If he lists: moisturizing and experimenting with depilatory creams in his pubic regions as his main INTERESTS and hobbies…Houston, we have a problem! (Some of you will argue he might be metrosexual, but not if he lists it out front)

1. If in his video dating profile he greets you with, “How YOU Doin’?” but sounds more like Wendy Williams than Joey Tribbiani–he’ll never be the man for you.

Have you ever dated a gay guy? Do you question the one you’re currently with? I know plenty of woman where this isn’t an issue because the guy has been up front and honest since the beginning. Sexuality is fluid and there’s more evidence pointing toward that now. It might be the case your guy is bisexual. And there truly is a bisexual box out there and it’s hard for people to grasp the concept.

On the heels of a study released by YouGov finding half of the U.K.’s young adults aren’t “100% heterosexual,” and now, new research indicates one-third of American young adults feel the same way.


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