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Do you need a concise yet engaging vlog review on your product? What about a promotional piece highlighting the strongest assets your business or service provides? Or maybe you just got an invite to a fabulous event in NYC but can’t make it?

Hire Nando, the solution is clear.

Blogging is the biggest form of media being presented on a global basis today and “Vlogging” (video blog) takes it one step further by adding that multimedia approach to your already successful business. We understand that some of you are camera shy or too busy focusing on other parts of your business but still want to be on the “cutting edge”.

Here’s how Nando can help you:

Vlogging services:

The Mexican Package:
Nando does a promo piece for you incorporating your strong points and elaborating on your service. You keep the piece and host it on your site. (1-2min vlog segment)

The “Where my ring at” Package:
Nando creates a video segment- an unbiased review of your service/product/site- approximately 3 min which you will then be able to embed onto your site.

The “How You Doing” Package:
Nando goes on location to shoot an event piece for you representing your blog/business and gets the ‘inside scoop’ along with interviews. (3-5 min) You own the piece and host it on your site.

Nando is also available for consultation in the following areas:

*Social Media
*Brand Development/Awareness

Please send all inquiries to nando (at) nandoism.com

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