Nando & LaToya Jackson


I have a new mission in life and that’s to beat LaToya Jackson and her FACEBOOK FAN CLUB.

Currently, she has 31 members (she had 32 yesterday-looks like someone got a clue!). So let’s kick her non-Jackson five ass and show her who’s the boss (no offense Tony Danza).

My people…my following…let’s join together and unite. Join NANDOISM the blog FAN CLUB and show your support. I currently have 20 members, it won’t be long before I rule the WORLD!

Update #1: Dad is doing great. He asked if I still had high hair and I responded: Gotta go dad, my 19-year-old date just showed up.

Update #2: The blog has an official home now. NANDOISM the blog is under construction and will soon be up and running, stay tuned!

Update #3: I’m bringing on guest bloggers to chat about their areas of expertise–don’t worry, I promise they won’t bite. Well, maybe one does–but that’s why I brought him on.

Update #4: The Hair contest is going great. All comments posted by Sun Aug 31st will be heavily judged and analyzed before the WINNERS are chosen. (Who are we kidding? We will probably get drunk, make fun of the comments, then make fun of us, then get drunk some more and forget all about the contest.) NO!

Update #5: I just purchased: THE 4-HOUR WORK WEEK by Timothy Ferriss. It’s a Wall Street Journal BESTSELLER. I’ll be the judge of that. Do I smell a book club? If you’re also reading this little beauty–let me know, we can discuss.

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