Nando & His Dad

And they say the show must go on, but I’m having trouble believing so. I just got a call from my sister saying that my dad, who was already in the hospital, took a turn for the worse, and is now in ICU.

I can’t say that my dad is the strongest, sweetest, or the coolest because that would be a lie. He’s the dad that embarrasses me, makes me pull my hair out, but he does loves me unconditionally (and he’s proven that time and time again). Not a lot of Mexican’s adopted in the 1970s, but he and my mother made special room for me in their hearts and gave me a home, identify and humor. Yes, I am Gay, Mexican and Adopted.

My dad called me a few month ago and said, “Mijo, I want to see you—can you please come for a visit?” I went home to Odessa, TX and spent some time with him. I’ve never felt so special in my entire life.

When I arrived, he walked over to me and in his loving father tone said, “You look like a retard with all that hair up in the air. What’s wrong with you?” I rolled my eyes, walked away from him and held my tongue. “Come back, get closer,” he said. “You have so much grey hair in your beard, look; I’m 63-years-old and I don’t have a single grey hair on me. You’re getting old boy!”

I couldn’t hold it in, “Well, the boys in New York love it—and it gets me non-stop sex.” He rolled his eyes, walked away and yelled for my mother.

Now, he’s in the hospital and the doctors don’t think he will be making it and they are asking my family to make some decisions concerning his health options. He’s pulled through before and I’m hoping he does it again—it’s not his time—he’s got so much to tease me about. I take it back; he is the strongest, sweetest and the coolest.

This post above was written in 2008 — my dad passed away June 2011. The last conversation I had with him was on Mother’s Day when he asked me to come for a visit. I made plans to visit in July. I was too late. But on that phone call–he gave me tips on how to BBQ and told me a few jokes. He will be missed; his energy, humor and BBQ lives on.

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